Darcey Silva Shuts Down Ex Georgi Rusev for Good at Stacey and Florian's Wedding: 'I Don't Need You' (2024)

Darcey and Stacey Silva have started new chapters in their lives on the season finale of .

Stacey was happy that her son Matteo made time to return from college for her wedding. After spending time together at a corn maze, her fiancé Florian Sukaj asked Matteo if he would be his groomsman for the big day and he agreed.

"I was like 12 or 13 when I first met Florian so I was kinda young, so I've known him a good portion of my life. At first, I was kinda iffy," Matteo recalled. "Her boyfriends in the past kinda took advantage of her a little bit, but I don't think Florian is that type of person, which I really appreciate."

However, Darcey's ex Georgi Rusev didn't receive a warm reception when he arrived at the wedding rehearsal.

"It's so hard to see Georgi here. It's really uncomfortable and awkward. I just want everything to be copacetic for Stacey's sake and Zach's stake," Darcey said. "Zach is going to be here tomorrow for Stacey's wedding and I just don't want any of this drama to be around him so I'm going to keep my cool, ignore him and do me and not allow him to get to me."

Darcey Silva Shuts Down Ex Georgi Rusev for Good at Stacey and Florian's Wedding: 'I Don't Need You' (1)

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As they practiced the processional, Florian dropped the bombshell that Georgi was once again going to his best man following drama between the exes during the bachelor/bachelorette party in New York.

"I'm just kinda of confused," Darcey said. "I'm the maid of honor and I was told Georgi was a guest so I thought I was walking alone."

"This is my best man," Florian insisted. "You need to walk with him… I'm sorry, that how it works."

Florian further explained his decision to the cameras, sharing, "I decide to make Georgi the best man again since Georgi [is] like my closest friend, and kind of my family. And right now, I know Georgi like, sleep with Darcey. For what reason [do] I need to protect no more Darcey? Basically Darcey doing behind our backs and acting like a victim."

The decision reignited tensions between Georgi and the twins' friend Michael Benz and they recounted their fight in New York. The drama upset Stacey and she begged for "everyone to please stop."

The rehearsal went forward with Darcey and Georgi walking down the aisle together as part of the wedding processional.

Darcey Silva Shuts Down Ex Georgi Rusev for Good at Stacey and Florian's Wedding: 'I Don't Need You' (2)

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At the rehearsal dinner later that night, Georgi was upset to find out that Zach was going to be Darcey's date for the wedding. He said, "I don't want to see Darcey being with another guy in this wedding because I'm not okay with that. You don't need to push this man in my face."

Georgi added that he didn't bring date because he cares about Darcey and doesn't want there to be any "drama or problems."

He then shocked the table by announcing that he had hope for a reconciliation with Darcey because they had hooked up in Miami a few weeks before the wedding.

Darcey felt betrayed by her ex, sharing, "I'm so pissed off at Georgi, all he wants to do in sabotage my life, my opportunity with Zach… now that everyone knows at the table, I'm sure my dad is going to hear about it, my kids are going to hear about it. That's the last thing I want."

Despite her feelings, she confirmed to the table that they did, in fact, hook up while she was in "a very vulnerable state." With the revelation, Stacey admitted that she felt "betrayed" by her sister and was astonished to find out that Florian kept a secret from her after knowing about the hookup.

Darcey Silva Shuts Down Ex Georgi Rusev for Good at Stacey and Florian's Wedding: 'I Don't Need You' (3)

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After the revelation, Darcey told her friend Leslie that she was worried "something bad" would happen between Zach and Georgi on the big day and consequently is considering asking Zach not to attend the festivities after all.

"I can't believe I'm about to un-invite Zach, f— Georgi, he always seems to get to me somehow but I have to put my love life aside to protect Stacey's wedding," she explained. "I just hope that Zach is understanding, but I don't know. This could definitely be a make it or break it moment."

Zach took the news in stride when Darcey called to tell him. The next morning, she informed Stacey that she wouldn't be bringing a date to the wedding. While Stacey was happy to have that issue worked out, she admitted that she was "still furious" at Florian for keeping a secret with hours until they tied the knot for a second time.

Florian asked the twins' father Mike to step in and help him make things right with Stacey before the ceremony. Mike then advised Stacey to "learn to be friends, learn to communicate, learn to have empathy for each other." She thanked him for his "words of wisdom" and decided to move forward with the wedding.

Darcey was still holding a grudge against Georgi for revealing their secret hookup at the rehearsal dinner. She said, "After last night, there's nothing I want to less than walk down the aisle with Georgi, but I have no choice."

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As the ceremony neared, Stacey got emotional when she prepared to walk down the aisle with her father, who recently had a stroke.

"When I heard the news he had a stroke, it scared me, I automatically started thinking the worst," she admitted. "What if he's not here? But, he's here… it's the best feeling in the world."

After various members of Stacey's family made their way down the aisle, Stacey and Mike exchanged affectionate words with one another. "I love you," Stacey told her father. He replied, "Love you too, and everything will be fine."

The father-daughter duo then walked arm in arm with one another, before Mike stopped to give the groom a warm hug and later embraced his daughter with a kiss on the cheek.

Darcey Silva Shuts Down Ex Georgi Rusev for Good at Stacey and Florian's Wedding: 'I Don't Need You' (4)

The ceremony went off without a hitch and Stacey couldn't believe her "dream came true."

During their first dance, Florian apologized for "everything" and promised to try his best to make her happy.

"I think it's just amazing, everything we've gone through together from day one, since we met, I felt an instant connection with you," she shared in a confessional. "Obviously online and then the first time we met in person, it just felt right."

"I have my best friend. My soulmate. You know, we've had our ups and downs but we're here now," she added. "We can finally move forward into our dream life now."

Darcey Silva Shuts Down Ex Georgi Rusev for Good at Stacey and Florian's Wedding: 'I Don't Need You' (5)

Darcey Silva Tells Her Ex Georgi She Is 'Done' After He Tries to Rekindle Their Romance

During the reception, Darcey agreed to step outside to have a conversation with Georgi but still had hesitations.

"I truly don't want to talk to Georgi but I'm just going to take this opportunity and let him know it's time to completely move on and walk away," she shared. "After tonight, I don't want any more communication with him ever again."

When Georgi told Darcey that he was happy that she came without date, she said, "We're not together, Georgi, I've moved on. I'm going to continue to move on."

"If I want something, I don't wanna give up," he replied. "I'm going there and follow my heart on what I want, and I want you… I want to fight for you. I'm going to fight for you and I've been fighting for you."

However, Darcey appeared to be over his antics and told him to stop fighting. "But literally, I don't need you fighting for me, I don't need you hurting my friends and throwing them to the grounds," she said, referring to his physical altercation with Michael in New York.

Darcey Silva Shuts Down Ex Georgi Rusev for Good at Stacey and Florian's Wedding: 'I Don't Need You' (6)

She finally stood up for herself after he refused to take accountability for his own actions. She shared, "Your words hurt people. Your words have hurt me, your actions have hurt me. It's even uncomfortable standing here talking with you right now."

"I feel like the past is the past," she added. "I've moved on. I've healed. I've gone through so many things and I'm continuing that journey for myself to better me and empower myself and my daughters. I want them to see my happy and empowered in an empowered, healthy [and] happy relationship."

Darcey then begged for him to "just let her go" and he realized it was finally "done" between them.

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Darcey & Stacey aired on TLC.

Darcey Silva Shuts Down Ex Georgi Rusev for Good at Stacey and Florian's Wedding: 'I Don't Need You' (2024)
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